Easy to use, feature rich

MASV’s clean, simple interface is so easy anyone can use it. A stress-free experience combined with the features required for handling large file transfers means MASV strikes the perfect balance of form and function. See for yourself.

Killer speed

Upload and download at up to 1 Gbps from most locations across the globe, even when transferring huge video files.

Unstoppable reliability

MASV easily recovers from internet drops and automatically resumes transferring right where it left off.

No Limits

No speed limits and no throttling required. MASV can handle multi-terabyte files with ease and full project folders, all from your browser.

PAY As You Go Billing

MASV charges $0.25 per gigabyte for each delivery, so you can easily bill back customers based on their exact usage.

No Login Required

There’s no login required for your users to upload or download files. For added security, you can also password-protect all file transfers sent by you and your users.

Client Proof

If your clients know how to send an email, they can use MASV for sending and receiving huge files with no support staff, tutorials, or training materials required.

Easily Send or Receive Files

MASV has two main functions – you can send files to desired recipients, or use MASV portals so clients or partners can transfer files to you. In either case, you and your clients simply drag-and-drop files into the transfer window and add the desired recipient email addresses, and MASV does the rest. It’s that simple.

File transfers are immediately uploaded to our global accelerated network of 160 servers, and recipients are alerted upon completion. MASV can even handle full project folders, keeping your file and folder structure intact while automatically creating a zip folder your recipients can download.

Show Off Your Brand Not Ours

As creatives, we know how important your brand is to you and your clients. At no extra cost, you can brand many aspects of your MASV account including the main application, delivery emails, download pages, and any portals you create to receive files from clients. MASV keeps a small MASV logo on the bottom of the page to help our service spread (pictured on the right). 

Use MASV to create a huge file transfer experience so seamless, your clients won’t even realize they’ve left your website.

Creation Is A Team Sport

MASV offers a full suite of user management options including the creation of multiple teams to separate billing and data access by different groups, user roles to provide full or limited access depending on their job function, and basic user management to easily onboard and manage your team.

Each transfer is easily searchable by sender, and administrators can access a clear, comprehensive transfer history to see each user’s usage on a per-team basis.

Mobile Friendly


Transfer huge files straight from your phone! Easily select large files from your phone’s file system or camera folders and start transferring right away.

Download Files

Access deliveries sent to you through MASV portals. If you have the storage room, download and view your huge file transfers right on your phone.

View PAckage History

Quickly check on previously sent or received transfers to see if clients have accessed them, while monitoring exactly how much data each client has downloaded.

Manage Users

Any administrator features in your web app are also available through your mobile phone.

Branded Experience

The same beautiful branding applied to the web browser experience also applies to MASV on your mobile device.

Android & IOS

Works with any modern smartphone mobile browser, and tested on both Android and iOS devices.

Security First Design

MASV takes security very seriously. We use top-of-the-line encryption on file transfers both in-flight and at rest, password protection on transfers that administrators can edit at any time, and MASV runs on Amazon Web Services which has built-in on-premise and in cloud security that’s second to none. All download pages also receive randomly generated URLs that are next to impossible to guess. MASV is GDPR compliant, and Amazon is an MPAA Certified cloud vendor. If you have any additional questions about our security practices, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Robust API

MASV is built on top of a robust and capable API that we use in our own product. Our API will soon be released to customers, along with key integrations with popular services you use every day to ensure MASV fits even better with your workflow.

Our goal has always been to help video and creative professionals streamline their workflows, and our new API-first design is exactly how we’re accomplishing that.

No More Subscription Fatigue

When subscription services came along, for many it meant the end of long-term contracts or talking to sales reps. We don’t know about you, but at MASV we now have subscription fatigue – because even considering all the benefits of subscription services, you still wind up with storage limits and times where you pay for the product but get little to no value in exchange. We tried a different approach.

MASV bills you $0.25 per gigabyte of data downloaded through our pay-as-you-go service. That means you only pay when we deliver your file. And if you have a slow month billings-wise, your costs stay lined up with earnings. You can also track your costs back to a per delivery line item that makes billing clients for each of their accelerated deliveries a piece of cake. Our users love this model, and we think you will too.

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