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by | Apr 18, 2018 | Product Updates

Hello MASV users,

It’s been a little while since you’ve heard from us. Last time we talked we announced MASV 2.0 and a slew of features / infrastructure improvements that made our product much faster and more reliable.

Today we are announcing a couple of highly requested features by our user base which is the ability to autocomplete recipients based on the ones you have previously sent to and the MASV Teams Beta for user management and roles.

The purpose of the auto-complete feature is to save you time when re-entering recipients and also to prevent you from miss-typing email addresses. Once you send to a recipient for the first time they get logged in your auto-complete memory and will be suggested on your next send. If you accidentally enter an email address or recipient you do not wish to keep on the suggestion list simply remove the suggestion from your memory by clicking the X icon on the right.

Starting today all the recipients you have sent to in the previous 6 months will be automatically added to your list of suggestions.

Teams Beta – Looking For Testers

We have also just entered into the beta for our new Teams functionality. Teams allow you to create different groups of users tied to different billing details and enables you to control who can see/do what with team roles. This is the first step into allowing you to use MASV across your organization and control how your team(s) access the product. This also enables improved security and data protection for companies wishing to segment and control their data access across geographies, departments, or user groups.

All that is required of you during the beta period is for you to sit through a quick training call and onboard your team. Feedback is what we’re looking for to make sure what we built works for your use case and accomplishes your requirements.

If you’re interested in joining the teams beta please fill out our beta form and we will enable the feature for you and walk you through the beta process.

As always customer feedback highly influences our product roadmap so please feel free to reach out to us at any time with your suggestions via our in-app chat or [email protected]. Thank you!

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