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by | Jun 5, 2019 | File Transfer, Increase Productivity

MASV Portal

June and July are going to be the months of new features for MASV and to kick it off right we are launching our brand spanking new Embedded Portals feature.

What are Embedded Portals you ask? Great question. We built the Portals feature of MASV as a way for customers to be able to receive files from clients, partners, coworkers, anyone you want to receive files from, by just sending them a branded link to your portal where they could upload their content super fast. The cost of this upload would then be applied to your account, not the uploader’s.

Embedded Portals take this a step further and allow you to place the upload form directly on your website, in context with your own branding and content, just by adding a code snippet to your site. As easy as embedding a youtube video, you can place a beautiful-looking upload widget directly on your own website but packing the power and performance of MASV’s global accelerated network under the hood.

Embed HTML for MASV Portals

So, if you are a post-production company wanting to receive footage from partners or clients, a film festival looking to accept submissions, a digital delivery specialist needing to get footage from customers, a broadcaster collecting purchased content, or even an event organizer wanting to aggregate user-generated video content, you can use MASV Embedded Portals to grab all that high file size data and get it downloaded in the right place and ready for the next step.

Ready to start plugging your website directly into MASV?

Head over to your portals section and click the little <> icon beside your portal to generate the embed code or, if you don’t have an account, sign up for MASV today https://www.massive.io.

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