MASV Desktop for macOS and Windows

Send your largest RAW footage or proxies to anywhere in the world, right from your desktop.

Unstoppable Transfers

When files get really big it’s time for something special… Introducing the new MASV Desktop App. The MASV Desktop crushes issues that limit the browser’s ability to send truly massive files in challenging network conditions. If your network goes down, your computer goes to sleep, you have an unstable or on/off internet connection, MASV Desktop will recover automatically and at the fastest possible transfer speed.

Remove The Hassle Of Shipping Hard Drives

Designed exclusively for your RAW footage / proxy delivery workflow. MASV Desktop App is capable of transferring multi-terabyte packages from the toughest of locations.

MASV desktop app screenshot
Map of MASV servers around the world

Battle-tested Performance

The desktop app runs on MASV’s global accelerated network to provide you with the fastest possible speed your network can handle.

No More Zips

With MASV desktop app’s direct to file system structure, you or your clients do not need to spend time or confirm extra space when unzipping huge files.  Just point to a download location on your computer and MASV will handle the rest, folders and all.

MASV desktop app screenshot
MASV desktop app screenshot

Preserve Folder Structure

Files, folders, sub-folders, or files into sub-folders of a folder. Your package gets delivered exactly as it was sent with all the 1’s and 0’s.

Built On Your Feedback!

Our focus is on gathering your feedback, so we can make our new desktop apps and the MASV service more productive for you. If you have feedback for us on anything at all, please submit it via our feedback form here.